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Camp Hill Center

Our Camp Hill location, originally housed in the Camp Hill United Methodist church, has recently moved to a new location after 30 years! We are now located at 44 South 38th street in Camp Hill. At this location we offer programs for infants through Kindergarten age.


We currently serve up to 70 children at this locations in six classrooms where we maintain small class sizes and low child to teacher ratios. Our newly renovated center includes large classrooms, a fun and safe gross motor room and an expansive outdoor play facility.

Affordable Options

The Children’s center offers a multi-child discount and flexible enrollment options including full time or part time schedules.  We also proudly participate with Child Care Network (state subsidy) and have elected not to charge additional tuition fees beyond the parent co-pay determined by Child Care Network. We value our connection to our affiliated churches who raise funds throughout the year to help us provide in-house scholarships for families in need. Contact us today to learn about how our scholarship program and enrollment options.

•  Infant Program

    - For children ages 6 weeks-12 months

•  Young Toddler Program

    - For children ages 12-24 months

•  Older Toddler Program

    - For children ages 24-36 months

•  Preschool Program

    - For children 3-4 years

•  Pre-Kindergarten Program

    - For children 4-5 years

•  Kindergarten Program

    - Our before/after school program

Call today and learn about all of the programs we offer at our Camp Hill location:



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